In the late 1930’s, E.E. “Jack” Carter began acquiring buildings along Glenwood Avenue, a primary corridor connecting emerging residential areas with the Capitol City’s government, educational and commerce center.

Assorted businesses were housed in the Carter buildings, including the core Mastercraft company owned by Jack, which manufactured stage curtains for the growing theatre industry.

Motivated to provide a community that would promote and celebrate creative endeavors, Jack began renting spaces in the 1940s to a variety of artists that ranged from wood workers to visual artists to rock ‘n’ roll bands. After Jack’s death in 1994, his son Barry inherited the Carter Building complex and has continued to foster the spirited community of individuality and creativity begun by his father.

In 2008, enjoying the karma associated with having creative personalities throughout the Carter Building, Barry closed the Mastercraft company and transitioned that space into retail development for additional artists.

In 2022, The Carter Family retired from the ownership, care, and maitainance of the Carter Building community. Current plans are to keep the Carter Building Karma going forward!